Customer store returns can be made more cost effective by having goods sent directly to Premier instead of being returned to the manufacturer. After rectification, Premier will re-distribute goods to the required destination, during the process we ensure items are tested and re-packaged in accordance with manufacturer’s standards and compliance. Premier can also handle the transport logistics to ensure an efficient turn-around of service.

Product recalls are a critical and growing issue for consumer brands and we fully understand the importance of what can potentially be a difficult and damaging situation for a business. At Premier we can engage our services and work with you proactively throughout the resolution process to ensure customer satisfaction and mitigation of brand name damage.

Don't have damaged stock sitting in your warehouse, depreciating and taking up expensive storage space, when it can go through our bulk repair centre and be converted into a saleable item and create another revenue stream


Why move out stock at low prices? We can grade your returns in order to maximise stock value. We can also assist in the sell-off clearance of returned and graded stock through our worldwide buyer portfolio.

Why throw away valuable items such as spare parts, functional or cosmetic, when they can be reused and contribute to cutting your costs. These parts can be utilised to refurbish products back to any graded standard you require. Expensive parts like motors, pumps, PCB's, etc., can be used to refurbish or repair products - reducing your costs by limiting the amount of new parts required. Having these parts reclaimed can in many instances reduce lead times, resulting in a better service to your customers.